IObit Driver Booster Crack + Portable (Latest 2024)

Keeping your computer’s drivers up-to-date is essential for optimal performance and stability. However, manually checking and updating each driver individually can be tedious and time consuming. This is where driver updater software like Iobit Driver Booster Free comes in handy.

Iobit Driver Booster Free Crack is a free trial version of the popular Driver Booster software designed to automatically scan your Windows computer and identify outdated, missing, and faulty drivers. It then allows you to conveniently download and install updated driver versions with just a few clicks.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using Iobit Driver Booster Free Download free, including:

What is Iobit Driver Booster Free Crack?

Iobit Driver Booster Free Crack is the free version of Iobit’s driver update utility for Windows-based PCs. The software automatically checks for outdated and broken device drivers on your computer and allows you to update them to the latest versions.

Key features offered in the free version include:

  • Automatic scanning to identify outdated, missing, and faulty drivers
  • Convenient downloading and installation of updated drivers
  • Ability to update graphics drivers, network drivers, sound drivers, etc.
  • Scheduled scans to routinely check for driver updates
  • Driver backup capability
  • System optimization tools like game boost for better gaming performance
  • Dark mode
  • Free from ads

The paid version includes faster driver downloads, support for more devices, automatic silent updates, and other advanced features. But the free version provides the core driver updating capabilities.

Iobit Driver Booster Free Crack

Why You Should Use Iobit Driver Booster Free Crack

Here are some of the key benefits of using Iobit Driver Booster Free Crack for your Windows computer:


Manually checking device manufacturers’ websites for driver updates can be extremely tedious. Iobit Driver Booster Free automates this process by automatically scanning your computer and presenting a list of outdated drivers that need updating.

Improved Performance

Outdated drivers can lead to crashes, slowdowns, and errors. By keeping your drivers updated, Driver Booster Free helps optimize your computer’s performance.

Fix Common Device Problems

Many common device problems like printer errors, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, and Blue Screen crashes can be fixed simply by updating faulty or outdated drivers.

Enhanced Stability

Driver Booster Free downloads stable and certified driver versions from manufacturers, avoiding compatibility issues that can come with incorrect driver installations.

Free Basic Driver Management

While the paid version has more features, the free edition provides the essential ability to scan, download, and install improved drivers for better performance and stability.

Downloading and Installing Iobit Driver Booster Free Crack

Getting started with Iobit Driver Booster Free Full version crack is quick and straightforward:

**1. Download **

Just download IObit from our site.

2. Install the Software

Run the installer .exe file and follow the prompts to install Driver Booster. You may need admin rights to successfully install it.

3. Register an Account

Open Driver Booster and register for a free Iobit account to access the software and scan your computer.

4. Run Initial Scan

Click on “Scan Now” to start scanning your computer system for drivers needing updates. The software will automatically check for the latest versions.

Now you’re ready to use Iobit Driver Booster Free Free download to update drivers!

Using Iobit Driver Booster Free Crack – Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of using the key features of Iobit Driver Booster Free:

1. Scan Your Computer

Press “Scan Now” on the Driver Booster dashboard. The software will automatically detect all drivers and check for updates.

2. View Scan Results

After scanning, you will see the list of outdated, missing, and faulty drivers detected. Driver Booster categorizes them by device type.

3. Select Drivers to Update

Tick the checkbox next to drivers you want to update. You can update all or select individual ones based on priority.

4. Download and Install Drivers

Click “Update Now” to download and install the checked drivers. Follow the prompts to complete installation.

5. Restart Your Computer

Restart your computer after installing drivers to fully integrate the updates. Windows may prompt you to restart automatically.

6. Configure Settings

In Booster’s settings, set scan frequency, driver backup, auto-update time, and other preferences.

Following this simple process regularly keeps your system stable and performing optimally.

Key Features of the Free Version

While the paid version has additional tools and capabilities, the Iobit Driver Booster Free Crack edition still offers useful functionality:

  • Automatic driver scanning and updating – The core function of scanning for outdated drivers and updating them is available for free. Users can update drivers for GPUs, network cards, speakers, printers, monitors and more.

  • Scheduled scans – Driver Booster can be set to routinely scan your PC for driver updates daily, weekly, or on a custom schedule.

  • Driver backup – Before updating, Driver Booster can create a backup of existing drivers as a failsafe in case of incompatibility issues.

  • Game boost – Improve gaming performance by closing unnecessary processes and stopping unnecessary Windows services.

  • System optimization – Features like large file deletion, defragging, and shortcut fixes help optimize overall system performance.

  • No ads – The free version has all features accessible without bothersome ads.

  • Dark mode support – Switch to a comfortable dark mode for easier viewing.

While limited compared to the paid version, the free tools make driver management smooth and efficient.

Limitations of the Free Version

To encourage upgrading to paid, the Iobit Driver Booster Free version does have some limitations:

  • Only 1 PC can be managed – Need to purchase for multiple devices

  • Slower driver download speed – Paid version has faster download servers

  • Fewer supported components – More components covered with the paid edition

  • No silent driver updates – Free version requires restarting to finish updates

  • No auto-updates – Drivers don’t update in background automatically

  • Limited technical support – Less troubleshooting help available

  • No cloud driver management – Can’t store drivers remotely to transfer between PCs

For someone needing to occasionally update drivers on a single home computer, the free functionality should suffice. But businesses or power users may want to upgrade to Pro for advanced tools.

Iobit Driver Booster Free Crack


Keeping your computer’s drivers up-to-date is crucial for stability and performance. Manually checking for driver updates can be tedious. This is where the automated driver scanning and updating tools of Iobit Driver Booster Free come in very handy.

The free version of Driver Booster allows you to easily scan Windows for outdated, missing, or faulty drivers and then download and install updated driver versions with just a few clicks. Useful features include scheduled scans, driver backups, and system optimization tools.

While the paid edition includes faster downloads and support for more devices, the core functionality in the free version is an excellent starting point for effortlessly updating drivers. For convenient automated driver management, download Iobit Driver Booster Free Crack today.

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