Arturia FX Collection Crack Full Free

Arturia FX Collection’s Crack is a bundle of plugins emulating vintage analog effect units like equalizers, reverbs, delays, choruses, flangers, and compressors from legendary hardware manufacturers.

The FX Collection currently includes 24 effect plugins modeled after classics like the:

  • Binson Echorec magnetic drum echo
  • Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb
  • EMT 140 plate reverb
  • Solid State Logic channel compressor
  • And many more

This suite of effects is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for use in all major DAWs like Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, and more on Mac and PC systems.

History of Arturia FX Collection’s Crack

Arturia FX Collection Crack first dipped their toes into analog-modeled effects in 2016 with the release of their take on the famous Binson Echorec tape echo unit, followed by the Roland RE-201 Space Echo.

Over the following years, they steadily added more effects to what would become the FX Collection bundle. In 2020, Arturia released the 3rd major generation of the FX Collection, bringing the total to 24 effect units.

Some of the most iconic pieces of gear that Arturia has painstakingly analyzed and recreated in software form for the FX Collection include:

  • Lexicon 224 – Gold-standard digital reverb used on countless records from the 80s onward. Adds rich ambience while retaining clarity.
  • EMT 140 – The plate reverb heard on a huge amount of pop, rock, and funk records in the 60s and 70s. Known for its smooth, lush tone.
  • Solid State Logic Channel Compressor – Famous for “gluing” mixes together. Used by legends like Tom Petty.
  • Chambers by Mastering Lab – Hard-to-find tube reverb from the 50s used for mastering early rock and jazz records.
  • Space Echo RE-201 – Beloved tape echo made famous by dub and psychedelic rock bands.

And many more pieces of coveted vintage gear are modeled in the Arturia FX Collection Free download.

Arturia Fx Collection Crack

Full List of Plugins in Arturia FX Collection Crack

Here is the current list of all 24 effect plugins included in the Download free Arturia FX Collection Crack 3 as of 2023:


  • Binson Echorec – Magnetic drum echo used by Pink Floyd, The Who, more
  • Analog Delay – Warm, retro-sounding delay with stereo modulation
  • Echoboy – Modeled after the Line 6 echo unit heard all over 90s and 2000s hits


  • Rev PLATE-140 – EMT 140 plate reverb heard on thousands of records
  • Rev INTENSE – Modern dense reverb good for pads, ambient sounds
  • Rev SPRING-636 – Vintage spring reverb known for its rich textures


  • PHASER BI-TRON – 12-stage phaser with LFO modulation options
  • CHORUS JUN-6 – Classic chorus loosely modeled after the Boss CE-1
  • GUITAR FLANGER – Recreates swirling electric guitar flange tones


  • FILTER M12 – Model of famous Moog 12dB per octave ladder filter
  • Analog Filter – Resonant low pass filter that can be overdriven
  • OVERDRIVE-101 – Adds warm tube-like saturation


  • FET Compressor 76 – Emulation of fast FET compressors heard on tons of pop and rock records
  • Comp TUBE-STA – Tube compressor adding vintage vibe and warmth
  • Comp VCA 65 – Characterful VCA compressor inspired by classic designs


  • Passive EQ – Simple controllable passive program EQ
  • EQ Tube EQ – Vintage tube-based program equalizer
  • EQ Eighty – Clean solid-state 5-band EQ

And more!

Standout Features of Arturia FX Collection’s Crack FX Plugins

Beyond just the selection of iconic analog hardware modeled, Full version crack Arturia’s FX Collection Crack stands out for a few key features:

Extremely Accurate Emulations – Free download Arturia FX Collection Crack uses advanced TAE modeling technology to capture every nuance of the original hardware’s sound down to the component level.

CPU Friendly – Despite precise modeling, the plugins don’t hog CPU. This allows for many instances even on older systems.

Easy to Use Interfaces – The interactive UI panels match the look and layout of the originals for an authentic tactile experience.

Broad DAW Support – The FX Collection works in all major DAWs on Mac and PC so you can use them everywhere.

Creative Control Features – Take the originals further with stereo widening, sync to host tempo, added modulation options.

Key Benefits of Using Arturia’s FX Collection Crack

Why should you consider picking up the Full version crack Arturia FX Collection Crack? Here are some of the core benefits this bundle provides:

Save Money – At around $500, buying the whole bundle costs less than two individual hardware units or plugins.

Simplified Workflow – With so many iconic effects in one suite, you spend less time searching for the right plugin.

Authentic Analogue Sound – Get the realism of coveted vintage gear without hunting for expensive hardware units.

One Stop for Mixing – The FX Collection equips you with all the classic tools needed to craft professional mixes.

Deep Tweaking Capabilities – While easy to use, each effect goes deep allowing producers to craft their perfect sound.

Iconic Pedigree – Tap into effects used on more hit records than you can name from Pink Floyd to Daft Punk.

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How Arturia’s FX Collection Crack Recreates Vintage Gear

So how does Download free Arturia FX Collection Crack manage to so accurately recreate decades-old analog hardware in software form? Their secret lies in advanced modeling technology.

Arturia FX Collection’s Crack proprietary TAE (True Analog Emulation) accurately models the original circuits in devices like the Binson Echorec and Lexicon 224 right down to the component level.

They don’t just analyze the gear – they model every transistor, resistor, capacitor, and inductor responsible for the sound. Tolerances, aging, and noise are also modeled.

By accounting for every electrical aspect of the hardware, the FX Collection nails the complete sound and behavior that made these studio tools legends.

Extensive testing and fine-tuning is done comparing real-world units to the software versions until they match precisely. This explains the uncanny accuracy.

Examples of Classic Hardware Emulated

To understand the significance of the FX Collection, let’s look at a few examples of iconic gear it recreates and why these units are so coveted:

Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

The Lexicon 224 added a lush, hi-fi ambience to countless albums from the 80s onward. Pop and rock records by Prince, U2, Foreigner, and so many others featured the Lexicon 244’s signature long reverbs and hall programs.

Binson Echorec

The Binson magnetic drum echo is renowned for its warbley, imperfect sound. Pink Floyd used it prominently all over Dark Side of the Moon. Its quirky delay made it a favorite psychedelic bands in the 60s and 70s.

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EMT 140 Plate Reverb

The EMT 140 is considered the gold standard in plate reverb. Used in studios worldwide since the 60s, its smooth, rich reverb graced chart-toppers across every genre from Motown, to classic rock, and more.

Solid State Logic Channel Compressor

This versatile bus compressor is famed for its ability to “glue” together mixes. Tom Petty and other legends used it to add punch and cohesion to tracks without crushing them.

And there are over 20 more classic units like these represented in the FX Collection!

Using the FX Collection in Your DAW

Using the Download free Arturia FX Collection Crack plugins is much the same as using other effect plugins within your DAW like Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, etc.

Simply insert them on a track, bus, or the master fader to process live audio or stems. The interactive UI panels are modeled after the original hardware interfaces for easy tweaking.

Some creative ways to use the FX Collection include:

  • Parallel Processing – Blend the dry uneffected sound with Free download Arturia FX Collection Crack effects 100% wet on aux tracks.

  • Chaining – Series chain multiple plugins to recreate classic studio chains. For example, compress into the EQ into analog delay.

  • Print Effects – Render onto an audio track to essentially “commit” to the analog-modeled effect.

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