Imobie Anytrans For Ios Crack Full Free Activated

Imobie Anytrans For Ios Crack is an incredibly powerful iOS device management application that makes it easy to transfer files, sync data, manage music, and perform backups between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

An Overview of Imobie Anytrans Key Capabilities

Imobie Anytrans For Ios Free download is a leading software company known for developing user-friendly iOS device utilities. Their flagship app, Anytrans, provides complete control over iOS device content with features including:

  • File transfer between iOS devices or between iOS and computer
  • Backing up and restoring iOS device data
  • Syncing and managing music, playlists and more
  • Downloading photos, messages and other data from iCloud
  • Repairing common iOS issues

Anytrans works with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models currently supported by the latest iOS versions. It is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

Imobie Anytrans For Ios Crack

Transferring Files and Data Between iOS Devices

Imobie Anytrans For Ios Crack makes it incredibly simple to transfer files and data between iOS devices. Here’s how to get started:

  • Connect your iOS devices to the computer using the charging cables. Anytrans will automatically detect them.
  • In the left panel, click on “File Transfer” to enter the file manager.
  • Select the source device that contains the files you want to transfer.
  • Browse and select the files or folders you wish to move.
  • Choose the destination iOS device to transfer the files to.
  • Verify transfer settings and click “Start Transfer.”

The transfer process is very fast thanks to Anytrans. You can move photos, videos, music, documents, ebooks and more between devices seamlessly.

Tips for Smooth Transfers:

  • Update to latest iOS version for stability.
  • Disable auto-lock to prevent interruption.
  • For large transfers, use WiFi over cellular.
  • Make sure devices have sufficient storage space.

Transferring Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone

Simply connect both iPhones to Anytrans to seamlessly move over apps, contacts, messages, photos, music, and other data to the new device. You can select exactly what content to transfer.

Sharing Data Between iPhone and iPad

Anytrans allows you to easily share files and data between your iPhone and iPad. You can transfer photos taken on iPhone over to iPad, sync iPad documents to iPhone, and more.

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Backing Up and Restoring iOS Device Data

Anytrans makes it easy to fully back up your iPhone or iPad to your computer. Here are the key steps:

  1. Connect iOS device to computer and launch Anytrans.
  2. Go to “Backup & Restore” module.
  3. Click “Backup This Device”.
  4. Select content types to include in backup.
  5. Choose backup destination on computer.
  6. Click “Back Up Now”.

The backup will contains apps, documents, messages, photos, music and more. You can encrypt backups and modify auto-backup settings.

To restore an iOS device from Download free Imobie Anytrans For Ios backup:

  1. Connect device to Anytrans.
  2. Go to “Backup & Restore” and click “Restore This Device”.
  3. Select the backup file.
  4. Choose content to restore.
  5. Click “Start Restore”.

Anytrans Backup vs. iCloud Backup

  • Anytrans backups are stored locally on computer rather than the cloud. This gives you full control.

  • Backups are not limited by iCloud storage quotas. You can backup multiple large iOS devices.

  • Local computer backups are also more secure and private.

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Syncing and Managing Music and Playlists

Imobie Anytrans For Ios Crack provides advanced music management capabilities. You can:

  • Sync music libraries between multiple iOS devices.
  • Import music files from computer or iTunes to iOS.
  • Transfer playlists between iOS devices.
  • Manage, organize and delete music files.
  • Create and edit playlists right from Anytrans.

The music module provides full control over your iOS music collection.

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Advanced iOS Device Content Management

In addition to standard file transfers and backups, Full version crack Imobie Anytrans For Ios Crack offers some powerful advanced features:

  • Delete Unwanted Data: Quickly free up storage space by deleting large apps, videos, photos and other unneeded files.

  • App Data Management: Export app data to computer, or import app content from one iOS device to another.

  • iCloud Photo Download: Download photos and videos stored in your iCloud Photo Library to your computer.

  • WhatsApp Transfer: Extract, backup and transfer WhatsApp messages, attachments, stickers, voice memos and more.

  • Repair iOS Issues: Fix common iOS problems like photos disappearing or apps crashing on launch.

Using Anytrans Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting

Follow these tips and best practices when using Anytrans:

  • Update to latest Anytrans version for best performance.
  • Disable Find My iPhone before transfers to avoid authorization issues.
  • Quit background apps on iOS device prior to transferring files.
  • Only scan for existing iOS backups when restoring devices.
  • Close Anytrans fully before disconnecting devices after transfers.

For connectivity or file transfer issues, quit and re-launch the app, reconnect devices, restart computer, or update OS/iOS software. The Anytrans knowledge base at [Support Site URL] offers helpful troubleshooting steps.

You can also get assistance from the Imobie customer support team by submitting a ticket on their Help Center site or emailing [email protected].

Imobie Anytrans For Ios Crack


Imobie Anytrans For Ios Crack provides the ultimate iOS device management solution. You can seamlessly transfer data between devices, sync content libraries, manage music, perform device backups, and much more.

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