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Bandicam Crack is a lightweight and powerful screen recording program that makes it easy to capture high quality screen recordings and gameplay videos. With customizable settings, webcam overlay, and built-in editing tools, Bandicam is a versatile software for tutorials, gaming, and more.

What is Bandicam Crack?

Bandicam Download free is a screen recording utility created by Bandisoft in 2003. Originally designed for game recording, Bandicam has evolved into an all-in-one screen capture program usable for games, software tutorials, video calls, and any other on-screen activity.

Key features include:

  • HD video recording up to 4K resolution
  • Hardware accelerated video encoding for smooth performance
  • Minimal CPU/GPU usage compared to other recorders
  • Customizable screen recording areas, settings, and hotkeys
  • Webcam overlay and annotations
  • Basic editing tools like trimming, splicing, and merging

Bandicam utilizes screen recording technologies that capture videos of digital on-screen content. The software encodes the video into common video file formats like MP4 and MKV using video compression to reduce file size. Bandicam provides high performance with GPU/CPU acceleration.

Bandicam Crack

How Does Bandicam Crack Work?

Bandicam utilizes screen capture technologies to record videos of on-screen content. It can record anything displayed on your monitor including games, software, Webex meetings, Skype calls, and more.

To record your screen, Free download Bandicam encodes the video feed using video compression like H.264 to create video file outputs. This allows recording high quality HD video while minimizing file size through compression algorithms.

Advanced features like mouse highlighting and webcam overlay work by merging additional video/image layers into the main screen recording feed. You can then edit videos within Bandicam or using external editing software.

Key Features and Benefits of Using Bandicam Crack

Lightweight Performance

Unlike other bulky screen recording programs, Bandicam is lightweight and optimized for maximum recording performance. It uses GPU and CPU acceleration to minimize resource usage while capturing smooth HD gameplay and video.

High Video Quality

You can capture up to 4K Ultra HD quality at resolutions up to 3840 x 2160. Bandicam supports custom output resolutions so you can record HD 1080p or higher quality videos up to your monitor’s capabilities.

Customizable Settings

Tweak video and audio quality encoding, adjust frame rates, and select custom recording areas. Use hotkeys for quick start/stop recording even during games.

Draw Shapes and Add Webcam

Annotate videos with shapes, arrows, and text. Display a webcam overlay of yourself on the video in customizable sizes. Great for software tutorials.

Mouse Effects

Emphasize mouse clicks and movements with visual effects. Highlight cursor movements to demonstrate software features.

USB Capture Mode

Record footage directly from gaming consoles, IPTV, drones, cameras, and other USB devices. Excellent for capturing game console gameplay.

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Bandicam System Requirements

Operating Systems

Bandicam Crack is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It does not natively support Mac or Linux but can be run on these OS using compatibility layers.

For smooth 1080p gameplay recording: – Intel i5 CPU or better – 8GB RAM – Discrete GPU like NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or better

For 4K recording: – Modern and powerful CPU like Intel Core i7 – 16GB RAM – Dedicated GPU like NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 or better

Storage Space

Recording in 1080p uses 350MB per minute. 4K recording uses 1.5GB per minute. Ensure sufficient hard drive space for saving long recordings. External SSD drives work well for storing large captured videos.

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How to Use Bandicam for Recording Games

Bandicam Full version crack is excellent for recording desktop, web, and console games in smooth HD quality. Follow these tips for optimal game recording:

  • Use a high performance gaming PC if recording intensive AAA games.
  • Adjust settings like resolution, frame rates, and video quality for a good balance.
  • Enable GPU acceleration and DirectX recording modes for efficiency.
  • Use a hotkey like F12 to start/stop recording during games.
  • For console games, connect your Xbox/PlayStation to PC via HDMI and use USB game capture mode.

Recording Your Computer Screen with Bandicam

Recording your desktop is easy with Bandicam’s intuitive interface:

  1. Select the Screen Recording mode in Bandicam.

  2. Choose fullscreen or custom screen area to record.

  3. Enable system sounds to capture audio.

  4. Configure video settings like resolution, FPS, and quality.

  5. Click the Record button and Bandicam will count down before capturing your on-screen activity.

Use screen recording mode to create software tutorials, record online meetings, and more.

Recording PowerPoint Presentations

To record PowerPoint presentations:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint.

  2. In Bandicam, select PowerPoint Recording mode.

  3. Choose slide recording area and set audio input.

  4. Configure animation and annotation effects.

  5. Click Record and present the slides. Bandicam will capture slides and annotations.

  6. Use Bandicam editing to trim off beginnings/endings after recording.

Recording presentations creates video tutorials and demos to share online or with colleagues.

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Webcam Overlay Setup

Adding a webcam overlay when recording places a video feed of you in the recording. Follow these steps:

  • In Bandicam settings, enable webcam overlay.

  • Select overlay position, size, resolution, and aspect ratio.

  • Choose webcam video source.

  • Adjust opacity, borders, and chroma key blend effects.

  • Webcam feed will appear in recorded videos for tutorials and demos.

Use a green screen background for seamless blending with the main video.

How to Use Bandicam Annotations

Bandicam Crack has annotation tools to highlight and add text to your videos:

Shapes and Arrows: Draw circles, boxes, lines, and arrows over your video. Great for software demos.

Text: Type text like labels, notes, and timestamps directly on the video.

Highlighting: Use highlight effect to emphasize clicks, buttons, and navigation.

Callouts: Draw attention to key areas with animated callout effects and labels.

Annotations make tutorial videos or gameplay demos more informative and engaging.

Bandicam Video Editing

While basic, Free download Bandicam Crack has helpful editing tools to tweak your videos:

Trimming: Cut unwanted beginnings/endings of video files after recording.

Splicing: Combine multiple videos into one longer file.

Effects: Add brightness, contrast, noise, and color effects.

Merge: Mix and overlay video, image, and audio tracks into one file.

Use advanced editing software like Adobe Premiere if needing more robust video editing capabilities.

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Bandicam File Size and Compression

Uncompressed video results in enormous file sizes. Bandicam uses video compression to reduce file size while preserving quality.

Video Codecs: Newer codecs like H.265 are more efficient than older ones like H.264. But compatibility may be limited.

Quality Level: Higher quality levels result in less compression and larger files. Find the ideal balance.

Resolution/FPS: Higher resolution and frame rates also increase file sizes. Scale down settings to reduce size.

Output Formats: Formats like MP4 are more compressed than MKV or AVI.

Use optimal output settings for the smallest file sizes possible with reasonable quality.

Bandicam Pricing and Plans

Bandicam Crack is licensed on three tiers:

Free: Watermark on videos, 10 minute recording limit

Standard: $39 one-time payment, 1080p recording

Pro: $59 lifetime license, advanced features like webcam overlay, no watermark

Subscription plans with monthly/annual payments are also available. Overall, Bandicam’s lifetime license provides excellent value compared to subscriptions.

Top Bandicam Alternatives

Some popular alternatives include:

  • OBS Studio: Free and open source software. More advanced settings but steeper learning curve.

  • Camtasia: Robust editing tools, great for software tutorials. More expensive subscription model.

  • Nvidia ShadowPlay: Basic but fast gameplay recording built into Nvidia GPUs. Limited to Nvidia cards only.

  • Screencast-O-Matic: Simple but effective freemium screen recorder. Useful for quick video capture.

Bandicam Full version crack works well for most general screen recording needs. Its balance of robust features and lightweight performance make it a great option.

Bandicam Crack


Bandicam Crack makes capturing professional screen recordings, game footage, and video demos easy thanks to an intuitive interface and many customization options. With device capture modes, webcam overlay, annotations, and built-in editing, Download free Bandicam Crack is a versatile screen recorder for gamers, business users, students, and content creators alike.

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