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Stardock Fences Keygen is a popular desktop organization software designed to help you corral your messy icons into orderly groups. It works by creating shaded “fences” on your desktop that neatly contain icons, keeping them from spreading out all over your screen.

Key features like auto-arrange and rollup fences allow you to wrangle icons with ease and temporarily hide them when you need an uncluttered view. Read on for a deep dive into how Fences works, its top features and benefits, pricing, usage tips, and how it compares to alternatives.

Key Features of Stardock Fences Keygen

Stardock Fences Free download stands out for its unique fencing technique along with several handy options for customizing your desktop. Here are the notable features:

  • Fences – The core function of Fences is creating shaded boxes that contain groups of icons. This keeps everything organized in themed areas instead of scattered everywhere.

  • Auto-arrange – Once you add icons into a fence, Fences will automatically align them in organized rows and columns. As you add or remove icons, they will stay neatly arranged.

  • Hiding desktop icons – With one double click on any blank space on your desktop, Fences instantly hides all icons from view. Double click again to unhide them. Perfect for a clean desktop when presenting or recording.

  • Customize fences appearance – Choose your desired color, level of transparency, and background texture for each fence individually. Match them to your wallpaper for a cohesive look.

  • Label fences – For quick identification, you can name your fences whatever you want by double clicking on the title bar. For example, label a fence containing office software “Work Programs.”

  • Rollup fences – This collapse feature lets you temporarily get fences out of the way by rolling them up into their title bar along the edge of your desktop.

  • Stack icons – The icons within each fence can be arranged vertically or horizontally so you can optimize space.

  • Create fences from folders – If you already use desktop folders to organize icons, you can easily turn any folder into a fence with a click.

  • Uninstall fence contents – Right click on a fenced icon to uninstall the associated program. No need to search Control Panel.

Stardock Fences Keygen

How Does Stardock Fences Work?

Stardock Fences Keygen creates shaded rectangular areas on your desktop that operate like containers for your icons. Simply drag and drop any icons you want grouped together into a fence.

The auto-arrange feature will instantly align them in organized rows and columns within the fence. It will continue keeping icons neatly arranged as you add more.

Once you’ve grouped icons into categorized fences, you can easily name them, change their appearance, and collapse them out of the way along the side of your desktop. Fences essentially combines the categorization of folders with the visibility of desktop icons.

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Key Benefits of Using Fences

Here are some of the biggest reasons to use Download free Stardock Fences for desktop organization:

  • Declutter your desktop – Containing icons in labeled, shaded fences keeps everything neatly grouped instead of cluttering up your entire desktop background.

  • Organize icons logically – Group related icons in named fences by category like Work, Games, Multimedia, etc. Finding what you need is faster.

  • Customize look and feel – Match fences to your wallpaper or go high-contrast to fit your personal style. Roll up and hide fences when you want a clean view.

  • Find icons faster – Like items contained together in a relevant, labeled fence makes them easy to spot.

  • Uninstall programs easily – Right-click any program icon housed in a fence to uninstall it. No need to go through Control Panel.

  • Temporary hide desktop icons – Double click any blank spot to temporarily banish all icons from sight. Great for presentations, recordings, or an uncluttered look.

Stardock Fences Pricing and Plans

Stardock offers a few options for purchasing Fences:

  • Free trial – Take Fences for a test drive with a 30-day free trial. All features are unlocked.

  • Personal license – $9.99 per person for use on a home computer.

  • Business license – $19.99 per person for use on office computers. Volume discounts available.

The free trial lets you use Fences with full functionality for a month. This is ample time to organize your icons into fences, customize their appearance, and generally declutter your desktop.

If you find Fences useful after the trial, the $9.99 personal license is very affordable. Business licenses offer a volume discount for installing Fences across an office of employees.

How to Use Stardock Fences Keygen

Once installed, using Fences to organize your desktop icons into tidy groups is simple:

  1. Create a fence – Drag across your desktop background to draw a fence, or use preset sizes like Small, Medium, Large.

  2. Name your fence – Double click on the fence’s title bar and type in a name like “Multimedia.”

  3. Add icons – Click and drag relevant icons into your new fence. Fences will arrange them automatically.

  4. Adjust appearance – Right click in the fence, choose Style, and pick a color, texture, and transparency.

  5. Resize or move – Drag the edges to resize. Drag the title bar to move fences anywhere.

  6. Rollup – For a clean desktop, click the down arrow at the end of the title bar to rollup the fence.

  7. Remove a fence – Right click, choose Delete Fence. The icons revert back to your desktop.

Tips for Using Stardock Fences Effectively

Take advantage of Fences’ organizational powers by following these tips:

  • Label fences – Use clear names to identify each fence’s contents at a glance. For example, “Design Tools.”

  • Color code fences – Use background colors to categorize fences. Make your Work fences blue, Social Media fences red, etc.

  • Stack fences vertically – Position fences vertically along the left or right edges of your screen to conserve width space.

  • Auto-hide desktop – Double click any blank area before presenting or recording your screen to temporarily hide all icons from view.

  • Turn folders into fences – If you already organized desktop icons into folders, convert them into fences instantly by right clicking.

Stardock Fences vs. Other Desktop Organization Software

Stardock Fences Full version crack pioneered the idea of fencing in desktop icons, but competitors have emerged with similar functions:

Fences vs. Folder Group

  • Fences better auto-arrangement features and customization options.
  • Folder Group has Folder Anchor to keep folders visible when scrolling through apps.

Fences vs. Grouping

  • Fences rollup feature is unique and handy for quick clean views.
  • Grouping has editable icon text allowing renaming of individual icons.

Fences vs. Start Killer

  • Fences has more robust categorization, labeling, appearance, and auto-arrange capabilities.
  • Start Killer is simpler to use out of the box.

Overall, Fences remains the leader in desktop organization with the most polished and customizable solution. The iconic fencing paradigm also feels most natural for corralling icons.

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Is Stardock Fences Worth It?


  • Fence system keeps desktop organized and arranged
  • Easy categorization into logical, labeled groups
  • Customizable colors, textures, and transparency
  • Rollup fences to quickly minimize them
  • Double click to hide all icons instantly
  • Uninstall programs directly from fences


  • Not available for Mac
  • Occasional minor bugs with arranging icons

Stardock Fences Keygen absolutely delivers on bringing order to a disorganized desktop. The fencing technique along with handy features like auto-arrange, rollup fences, and one-click hiding give you total control.

Fences is ideal for those who keep numerous icons on their desktop for quick access but want some structure. The low one-time fee is very reasonable for the ongoing benefits. Those with extremely cluttered desktops will gain back the most usable space.

Stardock Fences Keygen

Stardock Fences Review Conclusion

Stardock Fences Download free stands out as a unique and highly effective solution for wrangling desktop icon clutter through its signature fencing approach. Clever features like labeling, color coding, and rolling up fences enable you to impose organization on icon chaos.

Fences excels at logically grouping related icons for faster access while keeping them off your general desktop view. Flexible customization options let you match fences to your own style.

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